Reclaim your joy

Joy is our birthright.  Our creator made us and the entire universe with joy in their heart, and since we are an individual expression of our creator, we came into the world with joy already inside of us.

Often, we unconsciously find ourselves suppressing the joy that wants to burst forth from us by allowing our minds to take over and craft negative thoughts and scenarios that cloud our ability to remain humble and see the good in everything.  We engage in low energy habits such as overthinking about something from our past and ruminating on possible outcomes to situations that haven’t even happened.  Often, we find ourselves complaining to anyone who will listen to us or engaging in gossip about someone.  Participating in these low energy, ego dominated acts temporarily soothes us by providing a false sense of entitlement and superiority that makes us believe that our judgements are always correct and that we are always  in control.  This is an illusion.

The source of each one of these traps or behaviors has its roots in resistance.  Resistance to what is or to how things really are at this moment makes us act in ways that perpetuate a circular vortex of negative thoughts, and these thoughts destroy our peace.  Without peace in our hearts, it’s impossible to have real joy in our lives.

Let’s begin our journey back to joy by starting each day with gratitude in our hearts.  Say thank you the first thing upon awakening.  When we have gratitude for our surroundings, our health, the food that we eat and the clothes that we wear, we transmit to the universe a high energy vibration that attracts more of those good things into our circumstances.  As we move throughout our days and are consciously grateful for and accept that what we want may not unfold in a straight line fashion or as planned, we become a beacon of peace and joy to those that we encounter.  Lastly, before we go to sleep, let’s say thank you again for our day and all that we experienced.

Cultivate a mindset of service.  Engaging in service to others transports us to the root of our existence, which is to be a beacon of compassion and assistance to the world.  A simple offering of helping someone to cross a busy street, volunteering in our communities or really listening to someone when they need to talk makes us feel like we’re helping and are needed, increasing our joy and encouraging us to perform these acts more often.

Our lives are lived in a moment by moment fashion and some of those moments are better than others, depending on the lens that we observe them with.  How we prepare for the inevitable challenges that arrive in those moments determines how joyful we are while we are dealing with them.  While our first instinct may be to run from a challenge, confront that urge and push through it until the challenge is solved.  The more challenges that we face and successfully handle, the more self confidence we have and the more joyful we become.

We have control over our thoughts and how we respond to them.  If we make a conscious effort to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, we change the way we view and interact with the world.  This change in our viewpoint positively changes our interactions with everything and everyone.  If we remain positive no matter what is occurring around us, joy has no choice but to find us.

Joy is the fundamental component that binds our humanity together, and how we interact with and treat ourselves and one another is a function of the joy that we have in our hearts.  Reclaiming our joy delivers love and acceptance and eases suffering.  Let’s make a conscious effort to grow and extend our innate joy to the world.

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