Because we’re loved, each and every one of us

You are loved.

Read those three words again, sit back and take a few minutes to let them sink in.

The powerful words you are loved bring comfort and reassurance.  They say to us that we’re not in this alone and that we have a spiritual partner, our creator, to turn to when we’re feeling like life isn’t what we want it to be.  Those three words also tell us that same creator created all of us without judgement and loves each one of us equally.  Today, many of us believe that we are in it by ourselves and are separate from one another, trudging along and sleepwalking through our lives without even acknowledging one another.  Where’s the love?

When I was young, I frequently spent my summers with my great grandparents, who were  some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever known and, oh boy, were they polar opposites of one another.  My great-grandfather was a man of very few words, but he had a strong love for his family.  My great-grandmother loved to talk, radiating joy and love every second that she was awake.  She was strong in her faith and I count myself very lucky for having known both of them in my lifetime.

One day, my great-grandmother and I were driving somewhere and I asked her why she thought we were here on earth.  Without skipping a beat, she said “because we’re loved, each and every one of us”.  She explained that we are eternal spirits that came from a nonphysical, loving place where God resides and that we purposefully chose to come here into a physical form so that we can learn lessons about how to love and take care of one another.  Our conversation continued, but my 9 year old brain was still having difficulty wrapping my arms around this concept.  As I continued to ask why (which was making her crazy and she told me so), she further explained that the main purpose of our life is to evolve our spirit and we do this by learning how to love one another, without conditions.  While she passed almost twelve years ago at the age of 100, I am convinced that her life was long because she knew the value of love and how to give it away freely and without expectation.

I’ve found my thoughts frequently returning to why, today, we have turned our backs on love, the fundamental building block of our humanity.  We malign and persecute one another because of where we’re from, our different religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, color of our skin etc. and to what end?  We’re driven further apart, developing false beliefs and fears about each other, and in some cases, inciting violence toward one another just because of who and what we are.  We certainly weren’t created with this kind of attitude.  We have to change our beliefs about one another and become aligned with the beliefs of our creator.  Until we do this, the world will never truly know peace.

So how do we learn to love?  It’s actually pretty simple and it starts with acceptance.  Acceptance of ourselves for who we are and acceptance of others for who they are.  No judgement, just simple acceptance.  Open your mind and let your fears go and you will see a whole new world open right in front of you.  Love yourself, but do it unconditionally.  All of us have our flaws, weight issues, we hate our hair and our ears and our butts look terrible in our jeans.  Let it go!  You are perfect just the way you are.  Resist the urge to sit in judgement of yourself and to be afraid of what others think about you because their opinions simply don’t matter.  Resist the urge to judge others by their appearance and look deep inside of them to find the good stuff.  Smile more and offer a helping hand.  Say hello to strangers and strike up a conversation with them.  Take a mental note of how you feel when you’re doing this and I bet you’ll notice that you feel great and have more love inside of you.

Remember, you attract what you think about and what you give back to the world, so think about and send out the love vibes through your thoughts and actions and you will receive it back many times over.  And, dance more.  It raises your vibe and it’s fun!

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