Welcome to my blog and thanks so much for joining me on this journey to live your humanity.

The definition of humanity is pretty simple.  It includes all of the human race, or, all human beings collectively.  Within that definition is a subcomponent that includes “humanness” themes such as benevolence, love, compassion, empathy, tolerance and goodness.

Our civilization today, as we know it, is approximately 6000 years old and there are 7 billion of us living on Planet Earth right now.  While we have been successfully agile at adapting to changing landscapes and business climates and have survived countless natural and man made disasters, there’s one thing that we’re not doing very well.  Taking care of one another.

Today, we are falsely thriving by employing an us vs. them mentality, grabbing all that we are able to before some else can, forgetting that if one of us fails, we all fail.  We’ve forgotten the value of compassion, civility and joy and how a simple act of kindness toward someone has a ripple effect that spreads so far out that we can’t see its positive impact to our collective whole.

Everyone has a seat at the table here.  Let’s explore these topics together and make this an interactive forum where kindness and open, safe expression is championed and expected.  Please feel free to share your ideas and let’s live our humanity together.

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